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Keysight’s USB modular instruments and handheld instruments are innovative solutions for laboratory environments and in the field. Each device provides bench instrument capabilities in an affordable, space-saving form factor. The USB modular instrument can be used as a standalone instrument or mounted in a chassis with other modules. This enables flexible configurations and quick setup in electronic functional test and troubleshooting applications.

Each USB modular instrument comes with feature-packed software, the Measurement Manager (AMM) for out-of-box configuration. This enables measurements without the need for programming. Through individual windows on your PC screen, the AMM software provides user-friendly front-panel interface for Keysight’s modular products. As such, the front-panel interfaces can be projected out for easy viewing.

The instruments provide an ideal platform for electronic hardware design projects to perform various test and measurement, troubleshooting, data collection, and design verification/validation tasks.

Instruments designated for the competition includes:
U2781A USB Modular Products Chassis
U2741A 5½ digit USB Modular Digital Multimeter
U2761A USB Modular Function Generator
U2701A 100 MHz USB Modular Oscilloscope
U2352A 16-Channel 250kSa/s USB Modular Multifunction DAQ
E3631A 80W Triple Output Power Supply, 6V, 5A & ±25V, 1A
U3606A Multimeter | DC Power Supply
U1232A True RMS 6000 Count Handheld DMM + Bluetooth adaptor
U1242B 4-digit Handheld DMM + Bluetooth adaptor
U1610A 100MHz Handheld Oscilloscope

Ease of use
  Each Keysight USB modular product is equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces for easy setup, plug-and-play, and hot swappable connectivity. This equips the USB modular products for academic applications as well as for industrial laboratory applications.

Flexible Standalone or Modular Capability

  The paperback-sized USB modular products are uniquely designed to function as a standalone or modular unit. You can reduce your startup cost by using the USB modular product as a standalone unit. On the other hand, by using the USB modular product as a modular unit, you will be able to expand your application system — in terms of channel count and functionality — by slotting in various modular units into the U2781A USB modular chassis.

Easy-to-use bundled software and the command logger function

  The Measurement Manager application software allows you to configure and control your device without any programming required. Simplifying this further is the command logger function offered in the Measurement Manager (AMM) that allows capturing of configuration commands that can be easily converted to snippets of VEE code. Other supported languages are VB, C++, and C#.


  Keysight’s family of handheld and portable test tools is constantly growing. From digital multimeters (DMMs), function generators, to oscilloscopes, our handheld and portable test tools will address the test and measurement capabilities you need to complete your tasks – on the bench or in the field. Whatever application – electronics, electrical, installation and maintenance, wireless communications, aerospace and defense, or industrial process testing.

Sample Projects

Monitoring Geothermal Power Plant Turbine Movement in Steam

From:  Ye Lingzhu (Electrical & Computer Engineering, NUS)

  Technical Paper

Dual Axis Sun Tracking System with PV Panel as the Sensor, Utilizing Electrical Characteristic of the Solar Panel to Determine Insolation

From: Freddy Wilyanto Suwandi (NUS)

  Technical Paper

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