Celcom Design Challenge

Customer Analytics

As telecommunications service provider, customer satisfaction of service provided is of utmost importance. Other than direct customer feedback, service provider may not have the first-hand information of its overall customer sentiment in using its services. With the advancement of Big Data technology, data available from its own raw database and social media can be collected and analyzed to obtain useful intelligence. This will in turn help service provider to gain insights of customer sentiment, so it can further improve its services and customer satisfaction, and eventually retain and expand its customer base in this competitive service sector.

Design Challenge 1: Customer Web Sentiment Analysis

Build a real-time customer web sentiment analysis solution for Celcom.

  • Measure Celcom customer experience and sentiment based on social media.
  • Correlate and provide insights based on past Celcom marketing campaigns and network events.

Design Challenge 2: Customer Analytics Middleware

Build a customer analytics middleware which serves Celcom enterprise customers while complying Celcom data governance policy and protecting data under PDPA.

  • Self-service portal for paid enterprise customers to query various subscriber profiles (e.g. report or dashboard).
  • This middleware is flexible to connect to various Celcom data warehouse while taking into data governance and security concerns.

Special note: Topics above to be finalized.

Celcom is Malaysia’s leading data network provider, with 10.2 million customers. Established in 1988, it boasts the widest national 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks, covering over 98% of the population. Currently the largest mobile broadband and corporate services provider, Celcom is now moving towards integrated multi-access and multimedia services, in line with evolving technologies and consumer behaviour in Malaysia. A culture that places the customer FIRST™ is reflected in our award-winning customer service, products, and other corporate accolades at a regional level. Celcom is part of the Axiata Group of Companies, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, with close to 320 million customers across 10 Asian markets.