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Cyberview Design Challenge

The Global Tech Hub blueprint was first published by Cyberview in 2014. The blueprint has identified 9 key technology focus areas which are fit for Cyberjaya’s fast growth with 5 in ICT & 4 in Non-ICT. These key technology focus areas were the foundation of technology focus development for application to selected fast-growth industries. Smart City and Living Lab projects will be instrumental in ensuring successful implementation of the smart city framework planned for Cyberjaya.

As Cyberjaya, braces for the influx of population by 2018, we need to start resolving current city administration issues for better management of traffic flow. At the same time, the lack of parking space in open and public parking areas within Cyberjaya has resulted in teething congestion problems during peak hours. Lack of enforcement manpower by the local council and growing double parking problems is not an uncommon sight within Cyberjaya. With more installation of sensors and smarter city applications in place, more opportunities for offering of smart city urban public services is available. The City Innovation Council is actively discussing and reviewing ways to optimising innovative technology to resolve teething city problems and increase the quality of life in Cyberjaya.

Activation of smart social solutions by resolving city administration problems such as double parking using public empowerment, connected things, and communications technology. We would like to see how technology can be designed to resolve a double parking problem by empowering the public, building management, and local council to cooperate by means of IoT or mobile smart devices. This solution should be a smart city service that’s available for adoption by stakeholders as a service.

This project experiments innovative smart city solutions to improve urban public services. The project aims for the public, building management, and local council to cooperate, by setting up an integrated information platform of multi-source data that works with devices/things that resolves a particular city problem as a service.

This project has the following goals:

  1. Meet public users’ expectations, such as improving services and access to information.
  2. Induce modal shift from council dependent city public services to a more sustainable public empowered on-demand urban public services using technology.
  3. Increase optimisation of building and city infrastructures in Cyberjaya to monitor, detect, and play an active role with activation of smart social as an on-demand urban public service.
  4. Improvement of external response and enforcement to public grievances as an improvement of quality of life in Cyberjaya.

Cyberview is a government-owned company responsible to spearhead the development of Cyberjaya by undertaking commercial and socio-economic activities to improve the ecosystem of Cyberjaya.

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