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Fusionex GIANT Platform

Fusionex GIANT is a comprehensive analytics tool that support the whole analytics cycle, from getting the data, transforming and consolidating data to performing descriptive, diagnostic analysis and further extend to predictive and prescriptive analysis, giving a one stop solution without worrying acquiring and integrating different tools to conduct an analytics project.

Aside from the comprehensive features in GIANT, its intuitive user interface and ease of use has been a favourite analytic tool. Powered by Natural Language engine, users can easily ask questions any place, anytime, anyway, without worrying the understanding of data model nor figuring the right chart to use, as the tool will intelligently look for the answer and present with the right visual to answer the question.

The tool also empower users to easily process and analyse over massive amount of data in multiple formats (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) without in-depth big data knowledge, as the hard core activities have been covered and handled by Big Data Engine running on Spark and Hadoop.

Smart Query (Natural Language Query) allows users to gain instant access to insights from the data by asking the system using natural language.

Data Management allows automating and easily connecting to different data sources and extract, transform, clean, and consolidate data without having to write any code! The scheduling feature will ease the work from repeating the same activities on the next day as the activities will be recorded and automatically run for the next hour/day/week/month.

Industry connectors enable users to connect to vast variety of sources, including local files, databases, cloud services, third party applications, etc.  Also, it supports multiple data sources to consolidate data from disparate sources into one native platform for easy cleaning, processing, and analysis.

Mobility provides the flexibility to analyze on-the-go. Take users' business with them and stay on top of things wherever they are.

Visual Libraries and variety of charts provide a rich user experience and present actionable insights in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format.

Custom Visualization extends the visual libraries and create custom visualization to represent the insights that suits users' business scenarios.

Advanced Analytics allows users to see beyond their data. Fusionex GIANT support R and Python programming languages to perform advanced predictive modelling and uncover hidden information in the data.

Highly Interactive Dashboard with drill-down, filtering, cross-chart filtering, sorting, top & bottom filtering, change chart type, etc.

With the boom of data and technology advancement, BDA has been one of the technologies that is heavily utilized in solving diverse problems and answering various questions that spans from multiple different industries (eg. manufacturing, healthcare, hypermarket, aviation, IoT, etc.)

Users will be able to build their applications (web or mobile) to take full advantage of the versatility of GIANT and its platform in the realm of big data analytics (BDA) to solve the problems that had been identified.


  1. What are the programming platform that can be used?
    Any programming language and platforms can be used as long as it is connected to Giant and taking full advantage of the Giant platform that had been provided.

  2. Will I get access to the Giant software and API?
    Once the team or the participants had been accepted into the track, they will receive further information from Fusionex regarding the access to Giant and the API.

  3. Can I add in additional hardware (eg. IoT boards) for the project?
    Can. As long as the project itself is fully related to Giant platform.

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