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Motorola Solutions Track

Motorola Solutions M-WiCom Platform

The Motorola Solutions M-WiCom is an advanced technology platform that provides high speed, high bandwidth LTE wireless communications and GPS positioning. This system enables reliable wireless communications over a wide radio frequency (RF) band for a large variety of commercial and public safety activities connecting mobile devices and stationary equipment.

Futuristic finesse application on wireless communications using the M-WiCom platform that can either be end-to-end between devices to cloud or point-to-point between mobile devices.

The focus is on Device to Cloud or Device to Device wireless communication of data, voice or video information over the LTE network for analysis. The information transmitted across the LTE network should come from sensors that are relevant to the area of application. The project should cover the following:

Data transmission of sensor data, voice or video across the LTE network.

Analysis and processing of data in ways such as to provide value-add.
Illustration of the value-add of this application from consumers perspective.

Typical application are wireless data, voice and video transmission of telemetry, geo-fencing, point-of-sales, fleet management and security communications. These large amounts of data, voice and video information are further processed in cloud servers as big data analysis.

Texas Instrument AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor (Beaglebone Black module)
Qualcomm LTE-GPS chipset (Sierra Wireless module)
SIM Card module
Embedded Linux OS


USB/LAN connection between Beaglebone and Sierra Wireless module
USIM connection between Sierra Wireless and SIM module

Other Supporting Hardware

Relevant hardware, sensors and signal conditioning circuits, etc. connected to the M-WiCom platform

Standard SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card Data Plan of any mobile phone Subscribed Data Network Provider that offers LTE communications

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