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Sime Darby Design Challenge

Imaging, sensors, and application are the fundamental units of image acquisition devices and equipment which convert the real world image into digital signals.  Image sensors cater to various applications for distinct devices utilized in consumer electronics, commercial and retail imaging, machine vision, security and surveillance, scientific imaging, and aerospace and defence imaging purposes.

According to the IndustryArc and Expert Analysis, the APAC region makes almost half of the image sensor market revenue by geography in 2015, second to the Americas. The end-user industries employ image sensors for various applications ranging from consumer electronics, commercial, medical, general manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, security and surveillance, to aerospace and defense imaging. There are many other potential areas of applications.

How can imaging and sensors technology be applied in palm oil plantation industry and real estate industry to improve the productivity and efficiency?

Participants can take up one of the following design challenge topics.

Agriculture (Palm Oil Plantation)
Water Management
  • Monitoring and surveillance of soil fertility
  • Utilization of geographical data for effective resource allocation
  • Planning of irrigation scheduling
  • Predictive analytics of water stress in crops
Soil Fertility
  • Measuring tree nutrients
  • Accelerated collection and processing of soil samples
Crop Management
  • Disease and pathogen detection in plants
  • Predictive analytics of crop yield
  • Evaluation of fruit maturing
  • Quality and bruise detection of crops

Real Estate Development
  • Defects detection in houses and buildings
  • Security and surveillance
  • Facial recognition on property premises

Sime Darby is a Malaysia-based diversified multinational with operations in 26 countries & 4 territories and a total workforce of more than 130,000 employees. The group is involved in 5 core sectors, namely plantation, industrial equipment, motors, property and logistics.

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