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TM Design Challenge

For centuries, humans have been building and taking care of their homes. It’s about time the home takes care of us. With the enabling technologies such as cloud, low power wireless communication, and IoT, it is now the right time to create innovative applications around our homes that offer comfort, entertainment, health monitoring, efficiency, and safety. Are you up for the challenge to create cloud enabled IoT application that enables the future of homes?

  Participants can choose one of the following design challenge topics:
1.  Home comfort:

  • Monitor and control environmental conditions at home for optimal comfort (right temperature, right humidity)
  • Maintain personalized mood at home based of different residents of the home (right lighting for the person, right lighting for the event, etc.)
  • Any other application that features comfort of residents of the home
Home entertainment on TV and mobile phones:

  • Profiling of home users media consumption behavior to pre-download/suggest entertainment contents
  • Mood aware media playback suggestion
  • Aggregation of contents, deals, social feed on a single personalized dashboard for one-stop entertainment
  • Information services (digital signage, entertainment, comfort, etc.) for the benefit of end users in homes and buildings
  • Any other application that enhance the entertainment experience
Health at home:

  • Chronic diseases monitoring (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  • Health data system (personalized health reporting, health monitoring, alert event triggering, health advisory, etc.)
  • Remote monitoring, rural healthcare, or doctor on call (capture patient health data from a variety of sensors, apply complex algorithms to analyse the data, can make appropriate health recommendations, etc.)
  • Track accident at home
  • Monitor activities of elderly resident of the home
Home efficiency:

  • Monitoring and management of utilities (water, electricity, cooling, etc.)
  • Monitoring home appliance energy efficiency and suggest replacement of appliance
  • Detect faults, leaks, and wastage of resources at home
Home safety:

  • Monitor safety at home (doors, windows, fires, smoke, gas leaks)
  • Innovative application around the door lock (detect knocking, detect break-ins)
  • Any other application in the area of home safety

Participation benefits from TM R&D:
  1. Collaboration spaces for the developers to use TM Innovation Centre.
  2. Get involved in a knowledge forum, and learn and interact with professionals and subject matter experts.
  3. Innovation leads to assist on the development of the products/services from technical aspect to market penetration.
  4. Opportunity to showcase talent, and open new exciting paths for career development.
  5. Strategic partnership opportunities with TM R&D partners.

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