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 The Concept Behind Machine Vision

Machine vision is an important part of an automation project. It provides the “seeing” capability and the “analytical / decision making” capability to the hardware system. With these capabilities, it provides the intelligence to the system.

Generally a machine vision consists of 3 important areas, namely:
a.  Image acquisition
An enhanced image of the object/objects is being captured with a proper combination design construction of camera, illuminators and optic.
  • Camera
  • Illuminators
  • Optic design
Computing hardware architecture
Fast, accurate and reliable computing power is being selected and designed.
  • Computer architecture and performance
Image processing
Software algorithms to analyze the images provided intelligently.

Empower your system with sight

Using the Hardware Abstraction Layer software from ViTrox and the industrial cameras provided, students could easily make their software see the world.

The images captured could be analyzed for different purposes like detecting orientation of object, detecting obstacles, facial recognition, defective part identification, and many more. It is up to the students' imagination and creativity to make use of this new ability.

The Hardware Abstraction Layer can integrate with a number of popular industrial cameras in the market, and not restricted to those provided for the competition. It helps to make testing different cameras during prove of concept easy.

incorporate in robotics
used for quality inspection, substituting human
helps in guiding the blind
medical imaging
transportation – smart car, unmanned vehicle


Toshiba Teli 0.3M USB3 TELI V2030CBU with I/O connector and 4m USB cable
  • Digital format resolution = 0.3 M
  • VGA 640x480
  • Interface = USB3.0
  • Max frame rate = 125 frame per second
  • Pixel size = 7.4 um x 7.4 um
  • Sensor size = 1/3”
  • Global shutter
  • Lens mount = c-mount

TMS-Lite Starter Kit
1. LBQ2-00-050-3-R-24V - 1 unit
2. LSW-30-070-3-W-24V - 1 unit
3. DLF2-90-070-1-B-24V - 1 unit
4. DLS2-60-050-1-W-24V - 1 unit
5. DFR3-00-070-1-W-24V - 1 unit
6. BHL3-00-050-X-R-24V - 1 unit
7. EXT-24V-3METER - 2 units
8. EXT-24V-Y4-3METER - 1 unit
9. DEMO BOX - with 2 channel output

VS Tech 35mm Fixed Focal Length lens
  • Camera mount = c-mount
  • Minimum working distance = 300mm (without extension tube)
  • F/# = 1.4 to closed
  • Max sensor size = 2/3”
  • Focal length = 35mm

I/O Card
PCI 16-Ch High Speed Digital Isolated Input/Output Card



 Camera Integration Module

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