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Resources for MATLAB, Arduino UNO, and Raspberry Pi

Why settle less than what you dream of? Unleash your engineering prowess with the aid of our powerful tools!
Fast-track the design of your system and bring it to reality at an unprecedented speed! Model your system in a virtual environment, experiment with different control strategies, prototype on the real hardware, and iterate all these processes quickly within a single environment!

Listed here are links to resources applicable for projects of various domains of your choice. Let’s get started!

Quick Start
Video: Model-Based Design
Video: What is Simulation?
Interactive Diagram: Model-Based Design Workflow
Interactive MATLAB & Simulink Based Tutorials

What is Model-Based Design?
Simulink & Model-Based Design
Video: Enabling Project-Based Learning with MATLAB, Simulink and Target Hardware

Arduino Uno
What is Arduino?
Getting Started with Arduino
Arduino Support from Simulink
Arduino Projects using Simulink in MathWorks File Exchange

Raspberry Pi
What’s a Raspberry Pi?
Quick Start Guide
Raspberry Pi Support from Simulink

Motor Control with Arduino: A Case Study in Data-Driven Modeling and Control Design

Application-Specific Reference
System Design and Simulation

Physical Modeling
3D Animation

Control Design
State-Based Control
Control Systems

Advanced Control Design
Neural Network
Fuzzy Logic

Application Domains
Digital Signal Processing
Image and Video Processing
Communications Systems

Additional Reading
MathWorks Modernizes Model-Based Design 
Team collaboration in Model-Based Design

MathWorks Resources
MATLAB Central
Recorded Webinars
Converting Models from Floating to Fixed Point for Production Code Generation
Targeting Embedded Linux Systems from MATLAB and Simulink
MATLAB® & Simulink® project resources for Arduino®, Raspberry Pi®, and LEGO NXT®
Embedded Systems Technical Articles
MathWorks Support for Student Competitions

Other Resources
Adafruit learning resources

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