DHL Express Design Challenge

Smart Logistics

Design Challenge 1: AI-Driven Digital Assistant to Improve Customer & Employee Experience fiber_new

The pandemic has driven many people to start online business and often their peak hour is in the late evenings. As many of these SMEs build their online businesses, they see opportunity to sell overseas as well - after all, the internet has no borders! Many of these customers are not familiar with what it takes to ship their products overseas. Moreover, during the period of MCO, SOP and regulations are constantly changing so for such businesses having the most current information especially on export restrictions, is crucial! Since DHL Express is well known as the Certified International Specialist, these businesses turn to DHL Express for expert advice.

Problem statement from a DHL Express customer:

Problem statement from a DHL Express employee (Customer Service Agent):

Design a chat bot solution that could assist DHL Express customers as well as customer service agents to answer queries related to updated export/import restrictions and shipping requirements for different countries.

Design Challenge 2: Pre-Notification for On-hold Shipments to Improve Customer Experience fiber_new

All shipments arriving in Malaysia from overseas are required to undergo Customs clearance process. As part of the process, sometimes Customs would require shipments to be inspected, or to be approved by other government agencies, e.g. pharmaceutical department. When this happens, it could take an additional 24-48 hours to complete the Customs clearance process. Since this is not an irregularity, customers are not informed.

Based on the current process, DHL only informs customers when their shipment requires the customer’s input, e.g. duty confirmation, additional documentation such as permit, proof of payment, or any further clarification on items, etc.

Problem statement from a DHL Express customer:

Problem statement from a DHL Express employee (Clearance Supervisor):

Design a solution to automatically notify customers when the shipment is undergoing Customs clearance process, which would require approval from other government agencies. Thus, the customers are kept informed on the additional delay.

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