SSDU Design Challenge

Smart Selangor

Design Challenge 1: Smart Transport & Mobility

SSDU Smart Transport & Mobility is a forward-looking pragmatic transportation solution for Selangor supported by innovative technology solutions that foster seamless multi-modal transportation access and efficient connectivity. This involves 3 interacting processes, namely, developing smart infrastructure, integrating big data, and providing smart services that improve user experience.

SSDU had implemented a bus fleet management system to track public bus movement and data are collected for real-time KPI measurement and corrective action. Based on SSDU experience, reliable and real-time data feed of bus GPS information solution plays a critical role in bus fleet management system. In real-life environment, capturing 99% of near real-time bus GPS data feed poses a huge challenge to SSDU team due to various technical issues, e.g. mobile network blind spots of bus stop locations, and reliability of GPS device.

SSDU welcome teams to build a prototype solution which can ensure reliability of GPS data is fed to central location for real-time monitoring while workaround solution is implemented when mobile network coverage is not available.

  • Cost effective solution is crucial as typical bus fleet could range from 100 to 1000.
  • Network Coverage availability at remote bus stops.

Adoption of fleet management system is gaining momentum in Malaysia. A cost-effective and reliable solution will definitely lead to huge commercial opportunities in private or public sector.

Besides, top winning team (including supervisor) will be invited to work with SSDU on further enhancing SSDU bus fleet management system.

Design Challenge 2: Smart Buildings

SSDU Smart Buildings refer to facilities that achieve the explicit goals of economic development, sustainable construction and operation, and quality of life for occupants over its life cycle. Information technology, building sciences and low carbon framework are critical enablers.

There are various public facilities owned and managed by city/municipal councils in Selangor. It is believed that utilization of these facilities will be improved further by digitizing the facility management and made accessible to public.

SSDU would like to invite teams to build a full-stack solution which cover the scopes below:

  • Mobile and web front end for facility admins to update facility availability info.
  • Mobile and web front end for public to book facilities. Adding payment features is a bonus.
  • Back end system to ensure all data are kept securely and easily scale for future expansion and integration.

Qualified solution will be invited for a pilot at selected city/municipal council after the competition, and eventually extended to other city/municipal councils in Selangor at later stage.

Design Challenge 3: Smart Safety & Security - Building a “Safe School Zone”

Smart Safety & Security enhances public security and welfare by deploying a range of integrated safety and security systems through close collaboration with public converting accidents, crime, and terror incidents across various stakeholders in the society, resulting in a more liveable environment.

School students’ safety is paramount concern to parents and teachers.

SSDU would like to invite teams to build a safe school which cover the scopes below:

  • Entry and exit of individual students to school compound are tracked and logged.
  • Authorized parents/guardians can access their kids record via mobile/web app.
  • Entry and exit of non-school personnel are tracked and recorded.
  • Unauthorized intrusion to school compound are monitored and alarmed.
  • Additional features below will be a bonus:
    • Road condition monitoring and accident prevention.
    • School bullying, student kidnapping, or drug abuse detection and prevention
  • Cost effective solution is crucial.
  • Feasible solution for schools to adopt within Ministry of Education guideline.

Qualified solution will be invited for a pilot at selected school after the competition, and eventually extended to other schools at later stage, if proven successfully.

The Smart Selangor Initiative was launched by the Selangor State Government in November 2016 with the vision for Selangor to be a dynamic, economically vibrant, culturally rich and caring technology-enabled Smart State by the year 2025, in close engagement with its citizens.

The Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU), a division of Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI Selangor) has been mandated to spearhead this initiative with a number of programs and activities already launched and planned.