MML Design Challenge

Smart Manufacturing

In anticipating Industry 4.0 era, MML Manufacturing aspires to transform itself by adopting digital technologies such as IoT, automation, and A.I. It is anticipated that this digital transformation initiative will eventually enable MML to save huge cost by cutting production downtime, and improving quality control and manufacturing process.

At Malaysian Mosaics Sdn Bhd, Kluang plant, most of manufacturing processes are partially or not digitalized. This resulted in a lot of efforts and time required to manually digitalize data before MML manufacturing team can further analyse manufacturing process and quality control for improvement activities.

MML would like to invite teams to design a prototype, or solution to address the challenges listed below. Shortlisted teams will be invited to attend a plant tour and Design Challenge briefing at MML Plant, Kluang.

  1. Process Digitalization
    • Convert existing standalone infrared counters to IoT-enabled counters.
  2. Automation of Quality Inspection
    • Quality check on tile edge chipping through machine vision.
  3. Process Downtime Tracking through IoT Sensors
    • Process downtime tracking by monitoring conveyor belt movement and detection of tile movements.
  4. End-to-end Manufacturing and Production Dashboard
    • Data from item 1 and 3 are gathered at IoT cloud platform.
    • A real-time monitoring dashboard is built, e.g. product counter per process and end-to-end process time.
    • Extra feature (optional): Data is used to perform various data analysis such as descriptive and predictive analysis for manufacturing and quality process improvement activities.

Note: To understand more about the above challenge, may send your questions to

Please note that factory size is huge (200 Meter long from Process A – C). IoT / wireless device(s) should be used to transmit data wirelessly and sent to IoT cloud platform.

Impacts & Benefits of Taking Up the Challenge

Many local manufacturers are facing challenges in industry 4.0 transformation due to lack of in-house expertise. However, very few local vendors are addressing these challenges and unable to provide a cost-effective solution. Thus, any successful solution built based on this requirement will have great commercial potentials as it may help other local manufacturers.

Since 1964, MML has been crafting tiles to the highest quality for consumers who deserve the best. More than five decades ago, industry experts from Japan, Italy and France were brought in to pioneer world class technology and stringent quality management in the start up of the country’s first mosaic plant – Malaysian Mosaics, whose products were marketed under the brand MML. The passion and dedication behind the brand has led to continuous innovation, making MML a trendsetter for modern living today.

Owning a 360° infrastructure in the tile creation process, MML brand’s end-to-end product cycle is closely monitored under one roof, continuously keeping the brand amongst the forefront of the tile industry. From new product development, research and development, pilot plant facilities, manufacturing, total quality management, automated storage and retrieval warehousing system to logistics, sales and marketing, and customer support, each and every piece of MML tile is a hallmark of the brand’s essence.

Today, the MML brand of luxury porcelain and ceramic tiles, offers a wide selection of tile designs, sizes, colours and surfaces for every individual to showcase their style and their individuality in their ambience designs. Gracing the walls and floors of residential homes and commercial spaces in over 80 countries around the world, the brand has received nods for a number of prestigious architectural projects, and showrooms of international luxury brands, such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Lexus. Over the years, MML has truly become a homegrown global lifestyle brand.