Cyberview Design Challenge

Smart City

The Global Tech Hub blueprint was first published by Cyberview in 2014. The blueprint has identified 9 key technology focus areas which are fit for Cyberjaya’s fast growth with 5 in ICT & 4 in Non-ICT. These key technology focus areas were the foundation of technology focus development for application to selected fast-growth industries. Smart City and Living Lab projects will be instrumental in ensuring successful implementation of the smart city framework planned for Cyberjaya.

A liveable city is more than just an address – it’s a place where people can work and live life to the fullest. To enhance the life of the smart city residents, improving economic activities using smart and innovative technology is one of the enablers of a Smart City. A Smart Economy enables businesses to run smoothly. Digital technology can be used to advertise a hyperlocal company's products and services in a more interactive way.

Cyberview welcomes teams to propose any innovative smart city solutions to improve urban socioeconomic activities. Among the possibilities of the solution:

  1. Platform to search for businesses, products, services, activities, events, etc. available in the city, and interact with the corresponding parties.
  2. Platform for residents to file feedbacks to and get response from local city council.
  3. Platform for smart communities to interact, allowing like-minded communities to use a common platform to interact and arrange activities.

With seamless flow of information through a common platform, it will enable a vibrant smart city.

Cyberview is a government-owned company responsible to spearhead the development of Cyberjaya by undertaking commercial and socio-economic activities to improve the ecosystem of Cyberjaya.