Daikin Design Challenge

Smart Aircond

An air conditioner (AC) works by taking the surrounding air into the unit, passing the air through a layer of filter and a cold heat exchanger (HX) coil to cool down the air temperature, and finally discharge it through its air discharge opening into the surroundings again to regulate a room temperature.

The filters in front of the HX coil exist to prevent particles or dust from sticking to the heat exchanger while the AC draws in surroundings air to maintain optimum performance of the AC. If the HX is filled with dust, heat exchange rate will decrease, warm air drawn in cannot be cool down by the HX efficiently as the dust will work as a heat insulator and thus causing AC performance drop.

While we have filter collecting dust from the air, it will become dusty and drop the AC performance. Energy consumption will become higher. Thus, cleaning the air filter periodically is important for the AC. However, the common issue with AC users is that we do not know when to clean the filter. Even if we know, due to its installation height, cleaning the filter will be a hack of a job and majority will skip the work until the AC is no longer cooling.

How can this problem be solved?

The design challenge is to create a system to ensure optimum AC performance with clean filter.

  • The proposed solution could be preventing dust from sticking to the filter / HX in the first place, and thus solving the issue from the root cause.
  • The proposed solution could be a filter self-cleaning mechanism.
  • The proposed solution could be a filter dust level sensing system.
  • The proposed solution could also be filter cleaning system / mechanism that assists user to clean the filter.

It is up to the team's creativity on how to tackle the design challenge. The best solution proposed will be evaluated based on:

  • Ease of use by the AC users
  • Ease of implementation by the manufacturer

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