Exabytes Design Challenge

Mobile/Web Applications

Design Challenge 1: Email Filter

Email is one of the main communication channels. However, there are a lot of exposure and risk associated with emails, including scam, phishing, and spam emails. Some email providers or email software do provide email filter, there are still rooms for improvement, including false positive spam filter, which causes genuine emails being filtered.

Create a plugin for a chosen email software or webmail client, which can effectively filter malicious and junk emails, and at the same time do not cause false positive. Among the feature list include:

  • Malicious emails that trick recipients to disclose their login accounts to banks or supply sensitive information should be filtered.
  • Scam emails should be filtered.
  • A mechanism should be established to avoid genuine emails being wrongly filtered as malicious or junk emails. Some email filter simply blocks all emails coming from certain domain classified as junk, causing genuine emails couldn’t get through, affecting business email exchange.
  • Marketing/promotion emails may be classified according to recipient preference.

Design Challenge 2: Social/Community Mobile/Web Application

With the wide penetration of mobile Internet access, a lot of innovative solutions/applications have been created to make our lives easier and more convenient as well as improve the quality of life. Examples of such applications include ride-hailing services, food delivery services, home rental services, etc. However, there are relatively less applications taking care of society/community welfare, security, aides, etc. due to lack of opportunities turning as business.

Design a mobile/web application tackling any social/community issue, by the help of mobile Internet technology. The solution would not be business oriented but may still be finding a model to turn it as a social business for long-term sustainability.

Among the possibilities may include, but not limited to:

  • Targeting welfare for old-folks, underprivileged, unemployed, etc.
  • Community environment and security.
  • Matching those in need of services with providers/volunteers.

Design Challenge 3: Intelligent Web Hosting/Applications

There are a lot of web hosting companies in the world. To be the leader in the market, we must always innovate in providing the best hosting services. Other than providing reliable web hosts, value-added services are important to remain competitive in the market. One of the upcoming trends is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI is still, relatively speaking, a new player in the technology and digital arena, but it has seen massive growth in a very short period of time because it has so many diverse applications and uses. AI technology has great potential to improve web hosting services.

Design an intelligent value-added service in web host/applications in one of the following areas:

  • business intelligence reporting systems
  • intelligent SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • intelligent web security to protect from cyber-attacks
  • self-diagnose and repair of web server

Impacts & Benefits of Taking Up the Challenge

  • Team members will have prioritized access to job opportunities offered by Exabytes group of companies.
  • Collaboration opportunity with Exabytes if solution created is promising for further development.