TM Design Challenge

Internet of Things

IoT has played a pivotal role in realizing smarter cities, smarter living, smarter businesses, smarter communities, and eventually smarter nation. At the center of it all are the human beings and their ability to interface with such smart services. With the availability of virtual reality, matured augmented reality, voice activated triggering, and brain wave control. The time is now right to think about how human to smart services interaction will happen. What we are looking for in this challenge is how creatively does the contestant allow humans to interface with the services. Are you up for the challenge to create cloud enabled, IoT applications that incorporates telco services to deliver unparalleled human interface?

Participants can choose one of the following designs based on challenge categories:

  1. Smarter Cities:
    • city information discovery
    • interfacing with city wide services like signage, environmental sensors, etc.
    • tourism

  2. Smarter Living:
    • profiling of home users media consumption behavior to pre download/suggest entertainment content
    • mood aware media playback suggestion
    • aggregation of contents, deals, social feed on a single personalized dashboard for one-stop entertainment
    • information services (digital signage, entertainment, comfort, etc.) for the benefit of end users in homes and buildings
    • any other application that enhances the entertainment experience

  3. Smarter Businesses:
    • smarter and seamless payment
    • unique wallet implementations
    • interesting way to interact with online goods (experience the product virtually)
    • social commerce

  4. Smarter Communities:
    • social platform for community creation
    • citizen engagement platforms

TM Innovation Centre

  1. Collaboration spaces for the developers to use TM Innovation Centre.
  2. Get involved in a knowledge forum, and learn and interact with professionals and subject matter experts.
  3. Innovation leads to assist on the development of the products/services from technical aspect to market penetration.
  4. Opportunity to showcase talent, and open new exciting paths for career development.
  5. Developers tools (i.e. Open API tools) on established platform
  6. Strategic partnership opportunities with TM RE: partners from government bodies to business entities

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