SAINS Design Challenge

Sarawak Digital Transformation

(Open to universities in Sarawak)
Sponsored by Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research Sarawak (MESTR)

As per World Economic Forum 2016 (Digital Transformation Initiatiaves) executive summary report, in the era of Digital Economy, combinatorial effects of base technologies, such as mobile, cloud, sensors, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), are accelerating change in various businesses.

Thus, across industries, it is imperative for companies in Sarawak to recognize that they have opportunities to use these digital tools and technologies to raise productivity, improve decision making, and gain competitive advantage.

To support Sarawak state government’s digital transformation initiatives, SAINS welcome all mobile, web, IoT, and data analytics related project proposals, especially in the following domains:

  • GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing / Location-Based Solutions
  • AI in Argriculture
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Any other proposal related to SAINS business, i.e. IT related solutions are also welcome

In the mid 1980's the use of IT among state government agencies in Sarawak started to grow. Shortly thereafter, in 1991, Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) was formed. SAINS was given the task of spearheading the development and implementation of IT within the Sarawak State Government to better integrate and utilize its resources. Our vision is to leverage IT as a core component in enabling Sarawak socio-economic development. Since then, SAINS has effectively enlarged and intensified the utilisation of ICT in the State of Sarawak.

Today, the SAINS group is an internationally recognised software solutions and IT services provider with over 700 employees supporting business partners and customers across multiple industry sectors. With 19 offices and subsidiaries in Malaysia as well as partners throughout South East Asia, SAINS solutions have been deployed in governments and corporations both within Malaysia as well as globally. These same solutions have won recognitions and awards both within the Asia Pacific region and internationally.

To ensure a critical mass of knowledge of mainstream technology, SAINS seeks out synergistic partnerships and alliances with leading technology firms in the industry. Together with our business partners, SAINS will continue to build strong business relations with government entities and multinational corporations in Malaysia and beyond.