Sony Design Challenge

Smart TV Interface/App Design

We are living in a smart economy. Smart and connected devices are in a surge, including home appliances like smart TVs, smart speakers, smart home automation and security systems, etc. The rise in digital technologies presents an opportunity to develop cutting-edge products that are both engaging and intuitive. Smart products aren’t just about functionalities, but the user experience they offer to users. Apart from the technology at the backend, the design on the frontend also takes a stronghold.

Sony as maker of home appliances is also riding the smart bandwagon in transforming traditional home appliances to smart devices. The Sony Design Challenge focuses on smart TV interface/app design, to come up with enhanced features where users can consume more information and do more interactions with users from the comfort of their homes.

Sony invites teams to create smart TV interface/app design on one or more of the following areas:

  • With more sophisticated smart TV functionalities, traditional TV remote control is outdated and cumbersome. Design of intuitive TV control, using voice recognition, motion gestures, or reinvented TV remote control, is needed to create seamless smart TV control and navigation.
  • Integration of smart TV with other smart devices.
  • Any smart TV app to enhance the functionalities of smart TV.

Below are some articles about reinventing TV control for teams to get some idea:

To design an intuitive TV control, teams can use one or more of the following methods:

Teams should create a working prototype to demonstrate the operations and functionalities of the TV control.