Technology Track Finalists
Google MY114 (UTM), MY130 (UTM), MY257 (INTI), MY324 (IIUM), MY401 (UM)
Intel MY031 (UniMAP), MY041 (UiTM), MY080 (USM), MY400 (UNIMAS), MY425 (UTM)
Keysight MY237 (UKM), MY247 (UiTM), MY277 (UTM), MY349 (UTAR Sg Long), MY418 (UniKL)
MathWorks MY115 (UTM), MY144 (UKM), MY147 (UTeM), MY322 (USM), MY409 (UNIMAS)
Microsoft MY008 (Swinburne), MY016 (UTeM), MY133 (UTM), MY239 (UTeM), MY240 (UTHM)
SAS MY022 (UiTM), MY119 (UiTM), MY141 (UiTM), MY227 (UTeM), MY241 (UTM)
SilTerra/ CEDEC MY015 (UTeM), MY168 (MMU Cyberjaya), MY169 (UPM), MY216 (UTM), MY261 (UTHM)
SOLIDWORKS MY146 (UTM), MY157 (USM), MY242 (UTeM), MY249 (UTeM), MY370 (USM)
Design Challenge Finalists
Celcom MY158 (UTM), MY231 (UTM)
Cyberview MY094 (UTHM), MY114 (UTM), MY280 (Curtin), MY292 (UniMAP), MY418 (UniKL)
Daikin MY090 (UniMAP), MY157 (USM), MY319 (UTHM), MY352 (UTeM)
Exabytes MY167 (APU), MY181 (UTAR Sg Long), MY188 (UTeM), MY453 (UTHM)
Telekom Malaysia MY152 (UiTM), MY291 (UTM), MY448 (UTP), MY043 (MMU Cyberjaya), MY119 (UiTM)
WCS Malaysia MY040 (Swinburne), MY054 (UTeM), MY223 (UTeM)

What is this

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition is an engineering design competition open to all final year degree engineering, computer science, and science/mathematics students in Malaysia.

A steppingstone to your future career:

  • Employment: priority access to high-value jobs
  • Startup: ticket to startup accelerator program
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Extended 24
How do I participate?

Step 1

Understand the technology tracks and design challenges available.

Step 2

Discuss with a project supervisor to decide on a technology track, design challenge, and project scope for up to 3 members in a team to participate.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger if you have any question or need assistance to align your current final year project with the competition.

click here for past project titles

Step 3

Register  to participate with team details.

Step 4

Submit  your project proposal – Abstract, Project Introduction, & Design Methodology.

- download proposal template
- click here for guide and sample

Step 5

Wait for the official announcement on whether your team is shortlited.
Non-refundable entry fee of  RM100 per member  is payable upon successful enrollment into the competition