Large-Scale Web Applications Track

Projects related to large-scale web development with Java technology are welcome to participate in this track. The application domains may be in one of the following areas:

  • Financial services / fintech applications
  • Telecommunication services
  • Manufacturing (IR 4.0) applications
  • e-commerce platforms
  • Retail solutions

Can your project be scaled to serve millions of users?

Cheaper and better technology is creating a more connected world: 8 billion devices are now connected to the internet; by 2030, that number is forecast to grow to 1 trillion. In the era of connected world and digital economy, many large-scale enterprise web applications are being built to handle high volumes of data and traffic and can adapt to drastic load changes without affecting the quality of operations. It is expected to handle a thousand transactions per second or millions of users/requests as effectively as a hundred.

A typical large-scale web application follows a core 3-tier architecture (note that some tiers can be further subdivided for more complex architectures). The client tier runs in the user’s browser, and logic and data tier runs on separate dedicated servers. It is commonly deployed in enterprise applications in telcos, financial banking services and insurance industry. For example, Internet banking, e-wallet, high-traffic enterprise web application and ecommerce web portal.

Sample topics:

  • Core IR 4.0 platform which interacts with thousands of connected devices in manufacturing plants and display all manufacturing KPI (quality e.g. yield, cost e.g. defect, and delivery e.g. machine downtime) in real time.
  • Payment platform which interacts with thousands of connected devices for real-time payment transactions with security features embedded.

Benefit of joining:

  • Micro-credential certification on Java technology including Java SE and Java Spring, Angular, etc.
  • Hands-on experience on software development tools widely adopted by industry.
  • Enhance your employability and access to high-income job opportunities.