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Registration opens on 5th September!

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I/We understand the competition guidelines described in the website and agree to abide by them. All members are final year undergraduate students. The competition project is part of my/our final year project.

I/We agree to pay entry fee of RM100 per member upon successful enrollment into the competition.

I/We understand that the competition organizer is under no obligations to exercise any or all of the rights, licenses, and privileges herein granted.

Participant hereby releases and discharges the competition organizer and the sponsors from any and all liability arising out of participation in the competition.

I/We agree that any work submitted as part of my/our participation in this competition will be the original work of the participant(s) named herein.

I/We confirm that the supervisor named above has agreed my/our participation in the competition and agreed to take up the supervisor role.

I/We allow my personal information to be shared with any organizer’s subsidiary worldwide, or with authorized third parties for competition purposes.

I/We have read and agreed to the provisions of the following Participant Release.

You must agree with the conditions above by checking the box before submitting your registration. If your team could not comply to one or more of the above conditions, please state clearly below. The organizer will review your competition entry on case by case basis.


Every team member must deposit your CV using the form in the link below:
Submission deadline: 10 October 2016
Your CVs will be part of the consideration for qualification to enter to the competition.


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