Participate in this prestigious design competition, a steppingstone to your future career.

Innovate Malaysia Design Competition is the largest design competition in Malaysia, open to all third year or final year degree engineering, computer science, IT, and science/mathematics students. The goal of the competition is to promote innovative culture in engineering design work, tackle real-world problems with practical engineering solutions, and churn out brightest talents for product development, further research, and commercialization. Technology companies, including Intel, Keysight, MathWorks, Microsoft, SAS, SilTerra, and SOLIDWORKS, work together to co-organize the competition. We welcome the most ambitious, creative, and smart students to participate and showcase your talents!

  • supplied state-of-the-art industry technology platform for your final year project.
  • acquire skills on technology platform, technical competency, industry domain knowledge, & design innovation.
  • receive project mentorship from industry experts
  • tackle real-world problem, by taking up design challenge
  • priority access to high-value jobs offered by participating companies
  • showcase your talent in the competition, distinguish yourself from others!
  • chance to win multiple attractive prizes

Much more than just a competition... RM100 per member is payable upon successful enrolment into the competition to show your commitment to participate.

Date Activity
9 Oct 2017 Project proposal submission deadline ( guide & sample )
24 Oct 2017 Announce shortlisted entries
Oct 2017 - May 2018 Project implementation
Mar 2018 Mid-point clinic
16 Apr 2018 Project poster submission
28 Apr - 12 May 2018 Regional competitions
9 Jul 2018 Grand Finale

Applicants can choose one of the technology tracks listed below:

  • Embedded system design with Intel processor or FPGA board
  • Electronic hardware design and verification with Keysight handheld and USB modular instruments
  • System design and modeling with MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink
  • Microsoft Windows 10 / Microsoft Azure
  • Big Data Analytics with SAS Viya
  • SilTerra IC design/fabrication process
  • 3D CAD design with SOLIDWORKS

Please visit Tracks and Design Resources for detailed information.

An engineer applies scientific knowledge and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems. While solutions can be developed with the platforms provided in Innovate Malaysia, who defines the problems?

Design Challenge brings real-life problems for participants to undertake as their competition project. Companies from various industries are throwing their design challenges. Applicants can choose to take up.

Once enrolled, additional support from the Design Challenger may be provided. This may include technical mentorship, field trip visits, access to lab facilities, prototyping assistance, etc.

This year, the Design Challengers are:

  • Team members must be from the same university in Malaysia
  • Each team should choose
    • a technology track and tackle a Design Challenge,
    • a technology track with own project, or
    • a design challenge without a technology track (if none of the technology track is applicable).
  • Each team should have 1 to 3 members consisting of third year or final year students
  • Each team should have an advisor who is the lecturer from the same university
  • There is no limit on the number of teams from each university

Technology Tracks & Design Challenges

Judges will be experts from respective technology track's or Design Challenge's companies. Projects will be judged on their innovation, specification or validation plan, practicality, complexity, and working design.

Judging Criteria:

  • 30 marks - Innovation
  • 20 marks - Specification or Validation plan
  • 10 marks - Practicality
  • 10 marks - Complexity
  • 30 marks - Working design

DreamCatcher Best Demo Video Award

This award is opened to teams qualifying to the competition grand finale. Winner will be selected among top 5 demo videos getting highest likes in Facebook.

Innovate Malaysia Excellence Award

This is the overall winner award selected among the first prize winners of each technology tracks.

Judging Criteria:

  • 10 marks - Innovativeness of project
  • 10 marks - Impact to Rakyat
  • 10 marks - Potential for commercialization